College Scholarship

Welcome students to our annual college scholarship! We award a student every year with $1,000 to put toward their college education.

Because we are heavily involved with colleges and learning, we understand the importance of education. We supply and license watches for schools around the US like Alabama, BYU, the University of Arizona and many more. Our company wants to give back and provide others with the means to further their education in academia.

Follow the simple instructions below to enter to win. Each academic year we will pick one student and reward them with a $1,000 check to be used for their college education.

How to Win the Scholarship

Write a 1,000 word essay telling us how education has influenced your life and how it will continue to do so. If involvement in athletics has made an impact on you, share with us! We are looking forward to reading your story.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Current Student
  • Name
  • Attending School
  • Year of Graduation
  • Major
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Must fill out the information below and email it to

Deadline to Apply: December 1st, 2015

*You will not receive a confirmation email and please do not contact us with inquiries about your essay. However, we will review all applications at the same time and promptly contact the winner.


Participating in the Scholarship constitutes consent for University of Rockwell to use your personal information strictly for the purpose of offering the scholarship, awarding the scholarship to the winner and any reporting responsibility to taxing authorities that may be required.