What We Loved - Week 3 Colllege Football

Can we all agree that when college football is in season, everything just feels right in the world? Man we love it. Here's what we loved from this past weekend:

Lamar Jackson - enough said. Statement game of the year thus far. 

Alabama v. Ole Miss - this game was everywhere. Ole Miss jumped on this one early, but the Tide started rolling shortly after. Even then, the lead didn't feel safe until the clock read 0:00. It was up and down. It was high scoring. It was a classic battle between two great teams. What's not to love?

Colorado v. Michigan - this game didn't end up being that close, and Michigan was clearly the better team, but it is nice to see the Buffs on the rise. Clearly much improved from the last few years, we love seeing them playing good football again.

North Dakota State - If you haven't followed college football in depth over the past few years, you may not know much about the Bison. Well let us inform you - this team is the real deal. They may be FCS, but they've won 5 straight FCS national titles and have 6 straight wins over FBS opponents. This past weekend? They went in to Iowa City and beat 13th ranked Iowa. They would have earned respect even if this game had been close, but they grabbed the W flat out. There is a reason ESPN Gameday has spent a Saturday there each of the past 2 years and we love watching them do their thing.

Never Giving Up - we love teams that go for the full 60 minutes. Mississippi State set the prime example this past weekend. Down 23-6 all the way up to the 4 minute mark in the 4th quarter, Hail State put up two quick scores and executed an onside kick in between. Thanks to saving their timeouts, they got the ball back for one last shot. They fell short and LSU gave the home crowd a win, but the Bulldogs kept battling to the end and we loved it.

That's it for this weeks edition, hope everyone else loved this college football weekend as much as we did.