What We Loved - Week 2 College Football

Wow. Two weeks of college football are already gone. Why does it keep flying by so quickly? Do you ever wish you could add 10 weeks to the year just to get more football? We sure do. 

We are starting a new tradition here at University of Rockwell. Since we love college football, after each week wraps up we are now going to post some of the things we loved from the previous week of action. Whether they be highlights or other aspects of the game, we want to share our passion for college football with all of you and hope you will enjoy the read. So here it is, what we loved from week 2:

Lamar Jackson (Louisville) - this kid has 13 touchdowns and has barely played in 4 quarters of football. He had a particularly phenomenal run this week when he hurdled a Syracuse defender on his way to a TD. Look out, this kid looks special and we love watching him.

Arkansas/TCU - This game was not for the faint of heart! A thriller that took double OT to declare a winner, it looked as though TCU put it away when they went up 8 late in the 4th quarter. Not so! Arkansas went right down the field in less than a minute, scored, and executed the prefect double pass to tie it up on the two point conversion. After a TCU field goal to start the 2nd OT, Arkansas QB Austin Hill gutted out a 3rd and goal TD run to steal the win for the Razorbacks. It was everything you could ever want in a college football game, and we loved watching it unfold.

BYU/Utah - Speaking of everything you could want, this one went down to the wire as well, and in a bitter rivalry game no less. A sloppy game throughout (9 turnovers between the two teams), Utah took a 7 point lead on a field goal with around 2 minutes remaining. After struggling all night, BYU QB Taysom Hill took the cougars right down the field and scored on a 7 yd TD run with just 18 seconds to go. The Cougars, maybe sensing some momentum, decided to go for 2. Unfortunately for them, the Utah D was ready. The Utes read the play perfectly, stopped Hill short, and held on for a one point win. We loved the guts of both teams and we loved the fight they both showed.

Oklahoma State/Central Michigan - Okay, okay. Just to be clear - no, we do not love referees making calls that literally result in a loss. We do, however, love the passion and excitement Central Michigan exhibited throughout this game. We loved the brilliance of a Hail Mary and Lateral (yes both) to score the winning TD with no time left. Apparently, the play should not have been allowed, so Oklahoma State was really slighted here. The rest of this game though? Fantastic. That last play was as crazy as we've seen.

We hope you all know enjoyed what we loved from week 2 of the college football season. We look forward to seeing you next week. In the meantime, our only message? Rep your team!


University of Rockwell Team